Corrosion Coupon Rack


The  Corrosion Coupon Test Rack is used to evaluate the effectiveness of chemical treatment programs. It comes with all accessories including a flow control valve. with these units corrosion rate can be measured at different water flow velocities. This method confirm ASTM standard.

This imported corrosion coupons are pre-weighted with accurate surface area and are available as:-

ScalingandFouling Monitor Coupon

Fouling & Slime Monitor Coupon

Copper Monitor Coupon

MS Monitor Coupon



We provide Dip Slides for testing of following microbilogical growths. It gives freedom to test bacteria at anytime and anyplace.

Total Bacterial Count


Escherichia Coli (E. Coli)




Dosing Equipments and Systems


We also provide chemical dosing pump/system with pH, TDS and specific ion controller as per requirement.



Monitoring of industrial water treatment system is very essential to get the right feedback about the effectiveness of any treatment program. Proper monitoring of water treatment program will ensure:-

Control of chemical underfeed or overdose

Meeting pollution standards.

More effective treatment resulting in improved and better plant operation.

Saving in chemicals, water and energy cost.

Improved plant productivity.

Chemical treatment will be monitored by:

Water Parameters Testing

Specialty Chemicals Residual Testing

Corrosion Coupon Monitor

Fouling & Deposit Monitor

Microbiological Count Test

Monitoring of Corrosion Rate


In water treatment program, monitoring of corrosion rate is important because corrosion cannot be totally eliminated but reduced. Monitoring gives feedback on the effectiveness of treatment. Corrosion monitoring is done by various methods but most common method is by "Test Coupons".

Test coupons are generally installed at the following locations.

At the outlet of the hottest condenser/heat exchanger.

In cooling water return line

In makeup water line

Continuous blow down line- Corrosion rate is expressed in MPY (or mpy) Mils per year, IPY (or ipy) inches per year or MMY (or mmpy) millimeters per year.

Water testing Kits


We provide all monitoring tools and equipment's for on site testing to run the water treatment program efficiently

Testing Kits have been specially designed to meet the operational demands of industrial sector requiring quick and dependable on-the-spot analysis of water sample i.e. pH, Alkalinity, Total Hardness, Chloride, Sulphite, Phosphate, Iron, Nitrite, Residual Chlorine, Fluoride, Silica, Conductivity etc.